About David Glass

David J. Glass, Ph.D. is a veteran of over thirty years in the biotechnology industry, with expertise in industrial biotechnology regulatory affairs, U.S. and international renewable fuels regulation, patents, technology licensing, and market and technology assessments.  Dr. Glass pursues consulting activities via D. Glass Associates, Inc., a company specializing in government and regulatory support for renewable fuels and industrial biotechnology.

Dr. Glass directed intellectual property and regulatory affairs for BioTechnica International, one of the early industry leaders in agricultural biotechnology, where he obtained federal and state government approvals for some of the earliest U.S. field tests of genetically modified agricultural microorganisms and plants. Subsequently, as an independent consultant, Dr. Glass has advised agricultural, environmental, and industrial biotechnology companies on the impact of EPA, USDA and FDA biotechnology regulations on their activities, including obtaining favorable EPA rulings on the adequacy of containment of novel bioreactors and other matters, the preparation of three Microbial Commercial Activity Notices, and providing strategic advice on compliance with animal feed ingredient regulations. Dr. Glass also has twenty years experience in academic technology transfer, working at Massachusetts General Hospital and other Harvard teaching hospitals while also consulting for other non-profit institutions and for start-up biotechnology companies; and he has also authored a number of market reports on phytoremediation, and has prepared single-client market assessments on numerous topics within industrial, environmental and agricultural biotechnology. Dr. Glass holds a B.S. in biological sciences from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in biochemical sciences from Princeton University.

In addition to his consulting activities, Dr. Glass has served as director of regulatory affairs for Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc., where he was responsible for Joule’s compliance with U.S. and foreign biotechnology regulations, fuel certification rules, renewable fuel standards, and other areas of permitting and regulatory compliance. Dr. Glass is currently filling those roles for Joule as a retained consultant. The views expressed in this blog are those of Dr. Glass and D. Glass Associates and do not represent the views of Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Glass can be contacted at dglass@dglassassociates.com. More details on Dr. Glass’s capabilities and prior experience can be found at http://www.dglassassociates.com.


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